Cogswell and Harrison double barrel percussion hammer gun in 8 gauge England. 36 inch (910mm) barrels. 14mm solid top rib. Brass bead. Light floral engraving on the side plates and hammers. English Walnut stock with steel butt plate. Barrels secured to stock by two steel wedges. Original oak ram rod with brass tip under barrel. Made in 1879.
Mahillon Double 12 Gauge shotgun. Very fin e Belgian made double with 30” Damascus barrels. Sidelocks, hammers, receiver, under lever and tang are scroll engraved. Walnut stock is nicely figured with contrasting colors. Stocks are finely checkered. Butt stock has heel and toe plates and is checkered between. Action and hammers work perfectly.
Aug 05, 2012 · Forehand & Wadsworth single shot shotguns seem to be somewhat scarce. In my 30 years or so of collecting and working on guns this is only the second example I have seen. This particular piece has a damascus twist barrel and a nickel plated receiver.
This mark is found on guns that is not made in Belgium by countries that use proofs that is not recognized by the Belgian Proof House. The mark is applied after the gun has passed the Belgian proof. 1810 - 1853. Liege. Double proof as prescribed by the French law of 1810. 1810 -> Liege. Black powder proof for rifles and shotguns. Can be without ...